The smartest way you can advertise your business online is probably PPC or AdWords (they are basically the same thing). Pay-per-click is the new trend when comes to online adverts. This by now is the safest and most clever way to appear on top of the main engines, making sure your product is noticed. The difference between PPC and regular online advertising is the payment done. While in regular ads, you put up a banner to a website and you pay for each visitor. With Pay-per-click you pay only for the users that clicked through onto your website and nothing more. This is literally the most cost efficient and ultimately useful solution to getting you noticed online.

Do you want to appear on top of the 1st page on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.? Invest in Pay-per-click to ensure your spot! This way you know where is your money going and you benefit from this. Found Online have developed a strategy and we know how to work with AdWords in the most efficient way. You will be assigned with one of our professionals to have a discussion and determine your very reachable goals and plans and to develop a working strategy. This will make sure that you are well informed with what we offer and what we can do, while we work alongside with you. We all share one thing in Found Online – we think that the proper and constant research, retesting and retouching of your product will make it possible to stay always on top and ahead of everyone.

Found Online is the right choice of professionals, because we take the personal approach very seriously, we get to know you and your brand and we help you develop it. Together we can make wonders, so let’s start dreaming now!