CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is what turns your visitors to customers – did something in the design turn them more optimistic about you or it was the content itself? Is the product you offer what they really need or there is something more to it? This will help you understand and improve your game in the online world.

How does this thing really work? We basically monitor your visits so we can see how is your website interacting with the visitors. Was it responsive enough? Is the interface and design easy to use or did they clicked 5 times at the same place looking for something they can’t find. That’s right – we can see where they click! Using innovative mapping technology to see the exact dates and times your visitors entered the site and even better – we can follow their path and experience. Thus we can make more changes based on proven facts, not just because we feel like this is where the market is going.

Also, we combine all of this above into a detailed weekly report so you are well informed on what is going on, why we made any changes and how are their affecting your performance. It’s not just moving titles and adjusting fonts that matter.

If you haven’t decided on why to invest in Conversion Rate Optimization, the reason is this – help your business! You will not only benefit from this, but you will know how to make a visitor your client! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow and expand further than you thought! Found Online is the perfect choice for your online marketing development, because not only that we know how to operate with CRO softwares, but we offer you a combination of tailored services to completely fit your needs!